JXN Rocks!


JXN Rocks! is the first campaign project that we are launching as part of our Better Together Community Initiative and will demonstrate our commitment to creating better environments throughout our city. Using hand-painted rocks (also known as kindness rocks) designed by Jackson residents, we will beautify our city and spread kindness with positive, uplifting and inspirational messages. 

Our JXN Rocks will be placed at various locations across the city from North to South Jackson in what we’ll call our “Rock Gardens.” People who find the rocks are encouraged to take them and replace them in a new space, so others can find them and do the same to further circulate the message. It is our hope that we encourage Jacksonians to remain positive, united and strong during a time when our beloved city is facing a number of pressing issues. We also want to remind residents just how much JXN rocks as the vibrant, resilient capital city that it is.

Community Partners

Briarwood Arts Center
Urban Foxes

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