Wax Melts: The Perfect Alternative to Candles


We are excited to provide you with a new way to enjoy your favorite candle fragrances with our wax melt bars! Wax melts (also known as wax tarts or wax cubes) are scented pieces or blocks of wax that are melted using electric warmers. They are great for use in offices, in dorm rooms and around children. 

Let's explore some of the reasons why they make great alternatives to candles.

1. Wax melts are flame-free.

No flame, no worries! Wax melts are warmed in an electric wax warmer, making them safe for use around children and in spaces that do not allow traditional candles.

2. Wax melts are better for the planet.

Wax melts do not require glass containers that take years and years to decompose, making them great for the planet. Wax melt warmers are durable and last on average, four to six years.

3. Wax melts are convenient.

Enjoying your wax melts is easy because there is no requirement for matches or a lighter, and the wax melts themselves are small and easy to travel with.


We're excited to offer our premium fragrances as wax melts! Check out some of our plastic-free packaged wax melts here.


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