#BuyBlack Friday: Our Approach to Black Friday

Black Friday has traditionally been a time when you can find great bargains on all your favorite things, but the ongoing pandemic and the bad reputation of the holiday is changing how people choose to engage retailers during this season.

Like many other local/small businesses, we are constantly trying to navigate supply shortages and shipping delays. Black Friday will certainly complicate our ability to plan for every scenario that we're likely to face. Additionally, we have been working behind the scenes to reduce our impact on the planet and to discourage overconsumption. As a result, we will not be adding to the unsustainable nature of Black Friday and will instead be approaching the holiday with a creative twist.

Every Friday during the month of November is Black Friday.

Our approach was inspired by Facebook and Instagram's #BuyBlack Friday campaign. This campaign aims to support Black-owned small businesses by making it easier to shop with us and to increase the visibility of our companies. 

Addressing the wide range of disparities that we face as members of the Black community is one of our primary community service initiatives. It's only right that we use this time to bring awareness to the fact that Black-owned businesses continue to be among the hardest hit by the pandemic. More than a third of U.S. Black-owned businesses expect to make at least half our annual revenue in the last three months of the year. For that reason, skipping any major shopping day is not an option for us, so here's how we're gonna do this...

There will be a new offer each Friday.

We believe in responsible spending (the opposite can be bad for your mental health and wellness) and we don't want to add any overwhelm to an already hectic season. We believe that by providing a new offer each week, you'll be able to make better planned and informed purchases. 

All discounts will be sustainable.

We will only offer discounts that we, as a business, can financially absorb. We want to give you an opportunity to purchase our products at a lower price than any other time of the year, but not to the extent that it jeopardizes the quality of the products or the future of our business. (We've made that mistake before.) Our discounts and offers will be responsible and realistic.

There is no "one-offer-fits-all."

Each offer will be unique, just like each of our customers. For some people, they'll be excited to snag limited edition candles. Others may want to purchase gift sets. Your situation and priorities are different from the next person's, so that is ultimately why we will offer different discounts each week. We want everyone to find something!

We hope that this encourages you to thoughtfully spend with a Black-owned business, especially ours, this year and make it a new holiday tradition.

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